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Simple file sharing with Nextcloud

Simple file sharing with Nextcloud

Whether you are a small group of individuals collaborating on something in your spare time, or a big corporation working full-time on many projects, you probably need to exchange files between teams & people.

Many solutions exist to do so, you are probably used to sending files as email attachments, spreading them to all the contacts you need from your address book. You maybe know about products like WeTransfer or Dropbox, where you upload your data to their services & get back a link to share with your contacts so they can download your files from this intermediary. You also use WhatsApp, or even more professional instant-messaging services like Slack, or Microsoft Teams… All IT departments know that storage isn’t exactly cheap & when you propagate the same files over and over the Internet you almost always end up with duplicates. Those un-needed files clutter your storage space & you must clean them up by hand.

These solutions surely have their advantages but they aren’t convenient to use in the long run. There are better solutions for this, like Nextcloud, a full-featured file-sharing online platform that helps your teams organize their data.

A screenshot from Nextcloud main interface showing folders and files in the user's Documents section. The sharing sidebar is open on the right, where the preferences are shown.
Nextcloud Files main interface.

With your Nextcloud instance, you will allow every member of your team to have a dedicated account on your platform. This way, the access rights to your organization’s data can be granularly defined. Also, every modification made to a file result in a new version of it, so as long as you keep syncing to the server you can’t lose data. The superpower of Nextcloud comes from the fact you can add features to your instance using applications from the official Nextcloud store: calendars, task lists, collaborative real-time editing (like Google Docs), videoconference, instant messaging, and so on!

We have experience hosting & maintaining Nextcloud instances for our clients for more than 8 years. Nextcloud is now a known & recognized open-source product, widely used by the German & Swedish governments. Our clients are mainly healthcare institutions & non-profit organizations. Like them, try Nextcloud out! Contact us now to register a demonstration instance or even get a quote tailored to your needs.