Here is a list of answers to the questions you might have. However if you don't find what you are looking for drop us an email. :)

What does "gageure" means? How do you pronounce it?

It's an old, désuet, french word synonym of bold, challenging... Pronounced \ɡa.ʒyʁ\, not "gag".

What do you do exactly?

We provide digital services, hosting, outsourcing, consulting & training to everyone who seek to regain control of their data.

Isn't it simpler to use Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, etc. ?

You can and we won't shame you for that! However, you must know that those corporations doesn't respect your privacy. Their business model is based on data mining and making profit of digital labor. At Gageure SAS you won't find shady practises, obscure AI schemes or hidden clauses buried in piles of terms of services.

How should we trust you?

Let's meet! Have a talk about you, us. We differ of usual companies by our small size, there isn't two floors full of people you won't get to know. You can also ask us to contact an existing customer in order to have reliable feedback from a third party. :)

So, who do you work for?

Being based in France, a lot of our customers are from here too. We work with non-profit groups, from feminist autodefense, affective and sexual issues of people with disabilities, family planning collectives. Also mid-sized healthcare centers, federated social networks, many independent workers... But we don't work with any multinational companies (or subsidiary & affiliate), MAMAA, arms dealers, etc. Ethics matter.

What technologies do you use?

Simply those you need. We won't host your static website on a Kubernetes, 3 servers cluster. Our choices are pragmatic, that allow you to make substantial savings and reduce risks of over-engineering. You'll find these very realistic & convenient in the long term, you won't regret it!

Seriously, what's your favorite software stack?

We love Linux, we use it through Debian & Alpine Linux mainly. We work with KVM & LXC for the virtualisation part. On the storage side your data is in the hands of ZFS. Nginx serve the content to the internet, Postgresql (with the help of Redis) stores the data entries that needs to be accessed quickly. Otherwise it's again, what you need, there is no limitation on our side.

What's your story?

Gageure was born in 2022 from Clic2000, a precedent co-op company created back in 2018. Ethics are at the core of every choices we make. Who we work for, at what conditions, etc. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask personal questions. :)